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I would die for these banners!


The Giant hides

June 30th, 2015 – We have seen the mountain only once, from the Viewpoint at Uhuru Hotel, Moshi, Tanzania, where the K-Project for Peace held a two days conference. The giant hides behind clouds and demands respect, from every one who sees it. Looking back we started as part of a group of 17 probably mad, but daring people, to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, aiming to raise a sign against Uranium Mining and for a World free of Nuclear Weapons.


Day 1 starts with an absurd briefing, the group sits spread out in the Saloon of the Uhuru Hotel, the guides are hardly to understand, personal Equipment is missing for quite a number of people. We drive off, to hire Equipment, next stop Trecking Shop. While we, Kathy, Jonathan and me, JJ, have been very sensitive (and probably a bit german) about carrying professionel equipment, some people of the group are even hiring Hiking Boots. From here we continue to Marangu Gate, starting point. The actual start drowns in Chaos, everyone needs to register, but some are missing the necessary identification, although this has been mentioned during the briefing. We start off very late, around 4 pm, until sunset only 3 and a half hours are missing. We will be passing 5 climate zones, starting through Rain Forest. We see Monkeys, Antelopes, exotic Birds, Waterfalls, Trees and plants in symbiosis. It is foggy all the way through. Arrival Mandara Hut, 2720m at night. While dining one of the participants, John, suddenly passes out and can’t remember anything when waking up again. The first signs of fatigue, an epileptic seizure? We sleep in a dormitory on top of the mess room, it is loud, sleep is weak.

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